Setting Up Libby

Go to the app store on your device and search “Libby”, then download the app.

Once fully downloaded, tap on the icon on your device’s screen. It should load up a white screen with a few chat boxes, almost like texts, from Libby. First, you are asked if you have a library card, to which your answer should be “Yes”.

You will be given a few options after this, the easiest of them being “I’ll Search for A Library”. You can search “Mayville District Public Library” and it will pull our White Pine Library Cooperative in a burgundy colored box. Tap on that.

Then Libby will ask where you use your library card, to which your answer should be “Mayville District Public Library”. You will then be asked to enter your library card number, then your PIN, which is your account password. Ask a librarian if you don’t know your password.

After that, you are all signed in! It will show you a little preview of your account then you will tap on “Next” to begin searching for an E-book or an audiobook to check out!

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