2022 MDPL Summer Reading Program

"Oceans of Possibilities"

CSLP Teen Slogan

Sign-ups are now open at the circulation desk!

Call us at (989) 843-6522 with any questions

Time Frame:
Start Date — Wednesday, July 6th.
End Date — Wednesday, August 17th.

  • Program materials will be handed out on July 6th, or they can be picked up any time after that.
  • The last day to turn in any materials is August 17th.

For Ages 2+: 
Wednesday, July 6th @ 11:00am — Oceans Alive presentation from the Dynamic West School Assemblies, Inc. to kick-off our program. This event features live animals and is open to all Summer Reading Program participants.

For Ages 6-12: Thursday, August 18th @ 11:00am — Prize Drawing Assembly where you will have to be present in order to win prizes.

A description of the presentation from Dynamic West: "We live on land but share our planet with a huge variety of sea life. Many animals like amphibians, turtles, crocodiles, and others, live on both land and sea. In this program, we explain the links between ocean and land animals. The importance of protecting our ecosystems is explained in this fascinating program which features a variety of live animals. Saving the world's oceans can help feed the nine billion people projected to be on earth by 2050. By conserving water, reducing waste and pollution, we all can help to save our oceans."

We are unsure which of their live animals will be joining us on July 6th, but here are a few pictures of the animals they have!

Live Animals Images


How It Works for 2-5 Year Olds:

  • * Read 8 books per week and track them using the reading record found inside the program bag. Put a sticker on the chart for every book you and your child read (one book read equals one sticker).
  • * Books must be checked out from the Mayville Library.
  • * Present your progress on the reading record to the library staff at the end of the week to earn a prize.
  • * The reading record you receive in your bag should last you the entirety of the program. We will not have any extra records or stickers available if you complete your sheet early. Please try to stick to the predetermined schedule of 8 books a week in order to get the most out of your summer reading experience.
  • * There will be activity sheets available for your child at the library each week: e.g. crafts and coloring pages.

How It Works for 6-12 Year Olds:

  • * Read and log 10 books on your lined reading record, present it to the library staff for approval, then receive a prize ticket for the drawing. Please try to write only one title per line on your log, shorten as needed.
  • * The program is 6 weeks long and there is a maximum of 6 entries per participant.
  • * You are allowed to read as many books as you want and you must log all of them. Any extra books read beyond the initial 60 do NOT count towards prize tickets, but they DO count towards the grand prizes. Our grand prizes are for the top boy and girl who have read the most books.
    * Books must be checked out from the Mayville Library. You must read books at your reading level. Graphic fiction is allowed, but non-fiction is NOT allowed.

How It Works for Teens and Adults:

  • * BINGO cards are available at the Mayville Library circulation desk. 1 BINGO per card. 6 BINGOs max per participant.
  • * Books must be checked out from the Mayville Library. Each book read can only be used for one square on the BINGO card. Complete five squares horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to BINGO. Cross out or color each square and write the book titles in the space provided on the back of the card.
    * Return completed card to the library staff for a prize ticket. Write the numbers of your top five prizes you would like to enter to win on the prize ticket. Winners will be notified via phone after the program has ended.
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