We always open LEGO Club up with 2-3 timed, open-ended, building challenges to get everyone’s creative juices flowing. They’re usually super broad, so folks aren’t limited on what they can build. A few examples of challenges are:


 A few examples of challenges are:

  • Build something you can find in an airport

  • Build something you can find at the grocery store

  • Build a number

  • Build something using only one color

  • Build your favorite late night snack


We generally give folks between 5-8 minutes per challenge, depending on what they are. However, the sky's the limit with these warm ups and folks seem to have a lot of fun with. People are really creative when you give them something simple, so don’t worry about thinking of something complex. Sometimes we keep them in theme with our Main Challenge, but it really depends on how we’re feeling. While folks are building, we walk around and peek at what they’re doing. 

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