Library Bylaws

Approved December 13, 2022

Legal Authority:
The Mayville District Public Library is recognized by the Library of Michigan as a legally established district library pursuant to P.A. 24 of 1989.  The Mayville District Public Library is a non-profit organization and will remain so forever.  If the Library should dissolve, all assets and real personal property will be divided on a per capita basis between Fremont and Dayton Townships.

Library Board:
The power and duties of the library board are; hiring a director, attending board meetings, providing adequate staff, establishing policies, providing building and space needs, and maintaining library property.
The method of selecting new board members is: each municipality (Village of Mayville, Fremont Township, Dayton Township, and Rich Township) appoints two representatives to the board.  Because Rich Township is contracted, their members are not allowed to vote except as a tie-breaker.  Current board members’ terms commence as follows and will expire every four years thereafter:

            Dayton Township:      2023 and 2025

            Fremont Township:     2026 and 2025

            Village of Mayville:    2024 and 2026

            Rich Township:           2023 and 2024

In case of a vacancy, a new member will be appointed by that municipality to complete the current term.

The officers of the board shall include: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The Chairperson cannot vote or make motions with the exception of a tie-breaker.  Officers are elected at the December meeting, and will become effective January 1st.  The officers shall perform the duties generally associated with their offices and the board may designate such others as needed.

The regular meeting shall be the second Tuesday of every even month, and the June meeting is on the last Tuesday in June.  Meetings start at 6:30 pm.  Business will be conducted at a meeting when a quorum is present.  A quorum will constitute one more than one half of the board members.

Special meetings may be called by the Chairperson or Director, or at the request of two members for transaction of business as stated in the call for the meeting.
All board meetings will conform to the requirement of the Open Meetings Act, including posting of notices, allowing the public to attend and speak, and providing written minutes promptly.

The order of business shall be as follows:

Call to Order
Bills and Treasurer’s Report
Director’s Report
Old Business
New Business
Public Comments

The meetings shall be run according to Robert’s Rules of Order.

Public Comments

Those wishing to address the library board must do so during the “Public Comments” portion of the meeting.  Speakers must fill out a speaker card with their name, address and subject they wish to talk about.  The speaker is limited to 3 minutes and must please be respectful.


Special committees are made by the appointment of the Chairperson.  The Chairperson appoints members.

Amending the Bylaws:

The bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of members present at an official meeting of the board, provided that the amendment was included in the call for the meeting.

Other Special Provisions:

Board members shall be unpaid for their services. The Library Director will not be able to make any new purchase over $250.00 without prior board approval except for normal operating expenses.

Library Hours
Monday - Friday       10:00-6:00
Saturday                   10:00-2:00
Sunday                      CLOSED

6090 Fulton St.
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Mayville, MI 48744 

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